Welcome to my website. If you don't know me; I write, perform, and produce everything I make. Very few hands touch my work except mine. It's the most personal thing I can give to you, if you'd like to accept it.
I am not ashamed or guilty to say that my life has been hard; with acknowledgment that my life is almost identical to many other lives. I want my miniscule little slice of the internet, and the music attached to it, to be a safe space for that trauma. If you've lived through the things I express, if you've felt what I have, then I want this music to be a gift for you. 
For the blogs and writeups: I'm from Minneapolis. I like Goth music. I like Kanye. My music is kind of weird. No, I'm not perpetually sad in person.
Love you all.



"If you like your Hip Hop dark and heavy I really couldn’t recommend Aaron Avis as an artist enough(...) His experimental and alternative approach to Hip Hop fuses a Prog Rock Guitar-Driven chaos into his soundscape in a way I’ve never heard before."

- A&RFactory.com

"[Erin] Avis is a talented songwriter and performer looking to make an impact in 2020 with raw emotion[...] Ready to put the pedal to the metal Aaron Avis is prepped and prepared to show the world a new identity of the modern Indie artist."

- Juss Russ Radio 

"Lyrically, 'Bad Bitch Walk' is a surefire work of art.  Musically, it’s also pretty sick[...] Avis is spot on when he asserts, 'Bad Bitch Walk’ is heavily influenced by emo trap, pop, and gothic rock[...] Personal and dark, 'Bad Bitch Walk' is also quite the vibe.  Furthermore, if you haven’t checked out Aaron Avis, you need to get on that pronto."

-The Musical Hype